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Our MMA gym in the Sunshine Coast now also hosts weekly wrestling classes in Coolum Beach for kids and adults of all skill levels.

Our team of wrestling instructors include trainers who compete in local and international tournaments, but more importantly they all want to foster a healthy and safe atmosphere for anyone who wants to try this sport.

You can join a class today – or try other martial arts – for free! Your first session with CombatLab is on us. Book a class today here.

What is wrestling as a sport?

Wrestling is a hand-to-hand full contact sport that revolves around grappling techniques where you try to control your opponent’s movement and pin them to the ground.

It has continuously evolved throughout its history and mixed with other disciplines like Judo and forms like Greco-Roman wrestling.

It is used as an important foundation among MMA athletes because it teaches you fundamental skills that you can apply in other sports.

A unique aspect of wrestling is you get trained to be explosive and resist constant pressure. As a result, you can expect to get great gains in both your strength and endurance.

Compared to other martial arts, it is slightly more difficult to become proficient because it involves a lot of reading and reacting to your opponent’s movements which take time to learn.

Wrestling Classes in Coolum Beach - Combatlab
Wrestling Gym in Sunshine Coast - CombatLab

Who can join wrestling classes in our our coolum beach gym?

Regular wrestling classes are held every Tuesday in Coolum Beach that are open to all skill levels. We also often hold additional sessions when it is requested by members or have a big group of newcomers.

Beginners to the sport are welcome to join – our instructors have years of experience teaching beginners. You can also participate in our open mat sessions, sparring classes, and fight team training if you are looking for more advanced classes.

Your first session is free if it’s your first time training with CombatLab. Simply send us a message so we can reserve you a slot.

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Your first beginners class or training session in our gym is on us!

Do you want to try Muay Thai Kickboxing and see if it’s right for you? Or maybe you’re looking for a new MMA gym in the Sunshine Coast to practice your kickboxing?

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Wrestling Gym in Coolum Beach - CombatLab
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what are the benefits of wrestling training?

Great foundation for mixed martial arts
MMA as a combat sport has a huge emphasis on grappling and ground techniques, and wrestling is one of the best foundations to learn these skills. When you become proficient in wrestling, you get a big headstart to learning or even competing in mixed martial arts.

It’s an insane strength and cardio workout
It’s easy to notice your progress week by week thanks to changes in your strength and endurance. You exercise both every time you train wrestling in between grappling an opponent and holding a position against immense physical pressure for as long as you can.

Gives you a sharper mind
Wrestling is part problem solving because you need to continually assess your position and your opponent’s position to find openings and weaknesses. It’s a great way to train your reaction speed and resilience. 

Enhance your self-confidence
Wrestling has clear milestones to help you measure your improvement over time. Exercises may be difficult for beginners, but that contributes towards giving you a rush of confidence when you start to execute them consistently.

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