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MMA & Jiu Jitsu for kids and teens in Sunshine Coast

MMA classes for kids now open in coolum beach!

We hold special jiu jitsu and martial arts classes made for children and young teenagers at least 3 times a week in our Coolum Beach MMA gym. Don’t be surprised when you drop by and see 8 year old boys and girls rolling around the mat!

Professional MMA trainers lead our Combat Kids program with exercises specifically designed for children to be safe and give them a sense of personal accomplishment, while making fitness fun and enjoyable.

Our goal is to give your child a safe and encouraging environment that builds their confidence. We want to help them develop a solid foundation in fitness and teach lessons in teamwork and respect while they practice together with their peers.

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Kids and Teens in CombatLab MMA Class
MMA for Kids in Coolum Beach - CombatLab

we build resilience, respect, and discipline through martial arts

Every year, we get more and more parents enquiring about MMA for their youngsters. This is why we decided to give the Combat Kids program a regular time slot with dedicated instructors in our weekly gym schedule.

Now more than ever, bullying has become a prominent concern in schools and for parents. At CombatLab, we teach your kids how to deal and defuse the situation if they find themselves, a friend, or their classmate in a potential bullying scenario.

The primary lesson we teach in children’s martial arts is to instill discipline, respect, and resilience as values while your kids are in that very impressionable age.

We show them how to use these values as tools and life skills to avoid confrontations outside of the gym, instead of encouraging fighting. Jiu jitsu, MMA, and other martial arts are secondary and reserved only for self-defense.

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MMA Class for Kids and Teens - Med
Teaching Kids and Teens MMA Safely
CombatLab Teaches MMA for Kids in a Safe Environment in Sunshine Coast

We Teach Jiu Jitsu in a kid-safe environment

BJJ is a fantastic and defensive discipline for children to learn. It is particularly fun and a huge confidence boost for kids and young teens because they learn to defend against adults and bigger opponents despite their own size.

Our instructors start out with exercises to develop balance, flexibility, and coordination.

Kids practice these moves with their peers to give them their first experience of teamwork and a chance to receive and give support to others.

We are very serious when it comes to children’s safety.

Our instructors are always in control and make sure kids treat each other with respect. We start slow with basic movements and carefully select techniques and exercises to teach that are appropriate to their age.

Parents can come and watch their children train too!

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